I am reminded that three score (60 years) has passed since Dr. King's prophetic "I have a Dream" speech featured Alabama, in our nation's Capital. The vision for the future King cast is called the Beloved Community. This is a community where every policy decision, every institution, every system is founded on love which empowers all people. In order to prepare, I have attained the highest level of training in Dr. King's strategy- which instructs us to operationalize the Beloved Community. I also have legal training in the laws that laid the ground work for the Beloved Community.


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Alabama governor candidate Malika Fortier inspired by civil rights roots, Christian faith

Sen. Malika Sanders Fortier of Selma is in a runoff Tuesday for the Democratic nomination for governor with Yolanda Rochelle Flowers of Birmingham. (Mike Cason/
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Malika Fortier Women Face Off in Democratic Runoff for Governor

Black Women Face Off in Democratic Runoff for Governor
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Alabama gubernatorial candidate profiles:

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What is the Beloved Community?

   The Beloved Community is where every institution is built on love and maintaining a standard of excellence for all participants. Envision an educational system where instruction and learning is motivated by love for every child.  Envision a healthcare system that is motivated by love for healthy Alabamian’s.  Envision an economic ecosystem that is motivated by love for fiscal solvency for every Alabamian.  This is Alabama’s big Win Win paradigm shift.  We call that shift Alabama’s Beloved Community.  The Alabama’s Beloved Community is the Big Win Win! Its where you win, I win, we all win. Winning means quality opportunities for all Alabamians in education, health care, and the economy for starters.  It’s okay to have only some winners in football, but every school should be a winning place to learn for Alabama’s children, for example.  Now that we know that your health and my health and indeed all of our health is connected as a result of the pandemic, it is more important than ever that all Alabamians have a real opportunity to win in mental and general health care. Lastly, the vitality of Alabama is in growing its economy, with a particular focus on growing small businesses who employ most Americans.  This also opens the door of opportunity for more Alabamians. All of this love makes Alabama an even sweeter place to live, work, worship, and raise a family.


Malika Sanders Fortier loves Alabama.  Fortier is a christian, wife, mom, attorney, community leader, business owner, and Alabama State Senator. As an Alabama State Senator she has experience in working with both Democrats and Republicans for the good of the whole state.  Even in the senate, while reviewing bills, she has been known to look for solutions that are a win/win for all involved.  Fortier worked a full time, while attending law school, and mothering 6 children, inspired by a proverbs 31 woman. She has attained level 3 certification in the training that lays the foundation for building the Beloved Community. She has experience in facilitating and bringing leaders together from around the world to envision a better tomorrow.  She has 35 years experience as a change agent. Over the years Fortier has advocated and worked in areas such as education, environmental justice, youth development and leadership, women’s freedoms, citizenship engagement and voting rights, programs to help low income people prosper, supporting small business owners,anointed to govern.  She has been a radio talk show host and a public speaker. She loves innovation and creativity.

Past and Present Work towards the Vision

Malika Sanders Fortier has been in the Senate for one term.  Just long enough to have traversed the learning curve of government, but not so long that she has become part of the culture.

In just one term in the Alabama State Senate, Malika Sanders Fortier has several accomplishments through partnering with other governmental leaders:

Medicaid Expansion

Fortier advocated vigorously for Medicaid Expansion and Rural Hospitals.  As a result, in part from her work, the leaders of the Senate created a committee to look at how to help rural hospitals.  She also identified funding sources to expand medicaid.

water and sewer

Fortier advocated for water and sewer support for those in Alabama without access to basic systems in the state.  The state allocated over $200 million dollars to bare on these problems in the state.

new jobs

Fortier advocated for and helped to bring in industry that will produce hundreds of new jobs in rural areas of Alabama where it is tough to recruit industry.


Fortier insisted the jobs were “abundant life jobs” that people had a real chance to raise their families with their pay.

connected not for profits

Fortier connected not for profits, ministries, agriculture, businesses, and schools to the lay the foundation to build an economic eco - system instead of a pipeline to prison.

founded Deputy Senators

Fortier helped to found Deputy Senators believing that Democracy is a hands own endeavor.

 Criminal Justice Reform

Fortier advocated for Criminal Justice Reform.  She advocated for the opening of a prison previously owned by the state with humane facilities than currently opened prisons and for a programming set up that would allow for actual rehabilitation of incarcerated persons.

emergency mental health

Fortier advocated for Medicaid Expansion as an opportunity to address mental health issues in the state from education to prisons.  The state began making mental health a higher priority in the state.  An opportunity for an emergency mental health program was created in her district.

new jobs

Fortier supported and encouraged Restorative Justice practices in local schools creating a more compassionate and loving environment for students and their families.

COVID - 19.

Fortier collaborated with not for profits to develop a plan to help schools, health care facilities, local governments, and other institutions work together to combat COVID - 19.

more resources

Fell in love with the dedication, sacrifice, and necessity of volunteer fire departments and worked with a special committee to get them more resources from the state.

Stand for One Nation

Fortier promises to Stand for One Nation Under God and build Alabama’s Beloved Community.

“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”Martin Luther King Jr."